Victoria - Australia Population 2023

"The Sunshine State"

Highlighted areas of Queensland

The population of Queensland is estimated at 5,011,216
 as of march 2019.  The percentage increase in previous years being 1.7%. The capital of QLD (Queensland) is Brisbane, which is also the most populated city in Queensland.   


The official estimation of the population as of the 31st of March 2018 is 5,011,216
people. This is up by 1.7% from the 31st of March 2017. The estimate  for overseas migration is 236,800 compared to 259,600 people the previous year for the whole of Australia. (Government Statistics


Most populated areas in Queensland

RankSignificant Urban AreasPopulation
2Gold Coast – Tweed Heads663,321
3Sunshine Coast325,399
10Hervey Bay53,492
11Gladstone – Tannum Sands44,984
15Mount Isa18,563

States and territories population

States and TerritoriesPopulation March 2019
Percentage change over 2017-18
New South Wales7,988,2411.5%
South Australia1,736,4220.7%
Western Australia2,595,1920.8%
Australian Capital Territory420,9602.2%
Northern Territory247,327-0.1%
*Total Australian Population24,899,1001.6%

*Figure includes other teritorries including Jervis Bay Territory, Norfolk Island, Cocos (Keeling) Island and Christmas Island. 

Queensland - Brisbane

Brisbane city, Queensland

The population of Brisbane in 2019,  is a very diverse city with a population of over 2 million people in the greater Brisbane area. However, urban centres and islands around Brisbane increase these figures.  In 2018 Business insider  ranked Brisbane the 22nd most liveable city in the world. Included in the list are Melbourne (2nd), Sydney (5th) and Adelaide (10th). The reason for the ranking is because of the high quality of life Australian residence have.  

Demographic - Male & Female

The Queensland population is split by 50.6% female and 49.4% male. This data was obtain through the most recent Australian government census. 


2,381,308 Females


2,321,889 Males

Median Age

The Queensland populations median age is 37 years old. The biggest age group is 30-34 year and 45-49 olds at 6.9% of the QLD population (322,982 People). This data was obtain through the most recent Australian government census

37 Years old

Median weekly household income

The Queensland population has an average weekly household income of $1,402. However, the average personal income is $660 a week. This data was obtain through the most recent Australian government census. 

$1,402 a week

Median weekly rent

Queensland population pays on average $330 a week in rent. The average amount of people per household is 2.6 in QLD. This data was obtain through the most recent Australian government census

$330 a week

Religious affiliation

The top response for religious affiliation  was “No religion” at 29.2%, closely followed by Catholic at 21.7% of the Queensland population. Since the last census in 2011 the number of people responding as having no religion has gone up by 7.6%.  This data was obtained from the most recent Australian government census


Queensland has a variety of occupations, but nearly a quarter of the population are “professionals” at 19.8%. The next highest occupation is “Technicians and Trades Workers” at 14.3% which is higher than the Australian average of 13.5%.  This data was obtained from the most recent Australian government census

Facts about Queensland

  • Queensland is the second biggest state in Australia 
  • QLD receives on average 261 days of sunshine every year. Hence “The Sunshine State” slogan. 
  • Queensland have over 200 national parks!
  • QLD is home to the world famous Fraser Island, which is listed as a world heritage site. 
  • Queensland has some of the oldest dinosaur prints in the world, in the small town of Winton.  
  • Queensland is also home to the largest population of kangaroos in Australia!